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Most any paint store would love to convince you that house painting is a Do It Yourself effort.
Yet they still sell the majority of their paint to professionals and there’s good reason for that.
While not everyone has enough skill to paint their home, a majority of the general public thinks it is not a tough job, nor does it require much training.
Besides having general competence, a proficient house painter needs to be conscientious and have certain other qualities in order to succeed. The person doing the painting needs to be satisfied with the work, and contractors need help to accumulate satisfied customers in such a strenuously competitive profession.

A good painter must be patient, and possess perseverence.
This is so that discouragement won’t creep in when working on long projects.
Painting a house, whether interior, or exterior, can often be a long and lonely task.
I will also mention that it’s always better to take your time instead of going too fast and getting ahead of yourself. That is where the perseverence comes into play, because doing things over and over again can get rather tiresome.

I sometimes get asked to complete paint jobs on houses for which people had started, and had completed one or two rooms, but they just did not have the patience or time to finish the whole job properly. Or, even worse, they painted rooms too quickly, just to get done, and as a result the edges were sloppy, and paint had gotten on the woodwork.

A good painter must be meticulous. He needs to focus his attention on many details so that he doesn’t miss spots that will show up after he leaves. A house painter has to appreciate a well-done job and get a feeling of satisfaction when the job is over. Thus, a thorough-minded painter ensures all his edges are straight and ensures that the number of coats applied is sufficient to display a proper sheen and cover the previous paint.

Some painters lack consistency. This happens to employees more than a painting contractor, but can also happen to homeowners. Especially when getting a house ready to sell. A DIY’er might be very skilful one day, then they not apply themselves very well the next.
This can be bad for a painting contractor, as there is always the risk of having unsatisfied clients. To keep good references, you have to be completely and constantly consistent, and that is not easy when hiring employees and putting your reputation on the line.

A good painter is quite resourceful and industrious, and takes initiatives to resolve issues as they appear. This is also called “thinking on your feet”.
If a painter gets into a jam, or does not know how to solve a problem, the resourceful painter will know who to ask for help.

A good painter is also a curious sort, he likes to discover new products, new equipment, and learn to apply a product properly. A lot of new products make their appearance on the market every year, so it’s important to be up to date with the new technologies and improved techniques

A good painter also needs to be observant, and be able to recognize any imperfections in his own work and to take a critical look at the job when finishing up. This of course includes admitting his own mistakes. For example, if the ceiling edging line is crooked, he will have to notice it to rectify it.

An experienced painter will exercise his expertise at all times, and in a timely manner. Although speed generally improves with experience, some things still take extra time…
In order to be fast, but not get sloppy, a painter must be able to remain in focus, which normally requires a good moral character and a restful lifestyle.

Nothing is more frustrating than a painter who takes a vacation from your project.. The best painters will be punctual, and this will help you finish the project in the smallest time frame, and reduce negative impact on your lifestyle.

It is my hope that by understanding more about a professional painter’s qualifications,
that you to be more comfortable when choosing your next house painter.

Tim Laur, the owner of Timplex, has all the qualifications desired, and honestly understands that sometimes it is quite stressful to let a stranger into your home, especially if you cannot be there all the time.
Tim says, “Please call today and I will set up a no-obligation appointment to discuss your project with you at your convenience.”

Here’s the # (262) 299-0328

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    Being meticulous can be a great characteristic of a good painter. This comes in really handy during the preparation process while preparing a home or room for painting. Painting inside a home requires that floors and furniture are covered with drop clothes and that edges are properly taped. Even little mistakes can result in drips or over spray that can damage things like a piano or couch. Thanks for your tips on how to find good painters.

  2. says

    I like your tip on how a good painter will be trying to discover new products and equipment. I would imagine that being curious and looking to improve would be two good traits to look for when hiring a painting contractor. I need someone to paint the outside of my home so I’ll have to look for someone who is looking to improve their style and who is curious.

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    I like the qualities you have here for a good painter. I agree that he or she must be meticulous in the painting process. I think a good painter should definitely pay attention to all the details.

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    I like that you mentioned that a good painter can think on their feet. If an issue comes up, I want them to be able to solve it quickly and effectively. My wife and I are looking into having our house repainted this summer. We want to find the right painter for the job, so this is something we will definitely be looking for.

    • says

      I have been doing maintenance and problem solving for decades, and have decided to specialize in painting in 2009, when I left the family business to work on my own.
      I solve paint issues, as well as substrate problems. I will be looking forward to hearing from you again.

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