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When I first think of “Yelp”, what comes to mind is a sharp cry of pain emitted from a puppy if you step on its paw, and would have very little to do with interior home painting or exterior house painting.. The aforementioned Yelp I am engaging within this blog is not nearly as shrill, but still clamors for your immediate attention, but in an electronic format.

“YELP” is an international corporation headquartered in San Francisco, CA, which was created, and continues to exist as a way to connect people with great local businesses.
Yelp succesfully markets and hosts and the Yelp mobile app, which publish consumer reviews pertaining to local businesses such as Painting contractors, and also restaurants and reservation services such as SeatMe. They also provide data about businesses, such as health inspection scores.
The primary objective is accomplished by providing people who are looking at hiring or buying within specific trades with as much trustworthy information as possible.This is a Win-Win for everyone, because:

  If consumers cannot rely on relevant content that is pertinent, current, and up to date,, they will stop using Yelp, and everyone suffers, because then,
Consumers wouldn’t have a viable resource they can turn to in making important spending decisions,
and contractors would lose would-be customers because they are not visiting their business listing.
-This is actually a detraction of value for both parties, -a “Lose – Lose situation”, because small businesses spend money and time for online advertising, and if less is spent in these areas, the savings are passed along to the consumer.
And this, good people, is why I want to stress that whenever you receive exemplary service or quality, and at a price that is actually reasonable, you should immediately post a review on Yelp,

This helps not only the people who are in the market for service, but it helps the one who gave you the good service in the first place. And after all, if someone leaves you with feelings of satisfaction after they do interior painting, or exterior painting on your home, would you not want them to  have an easy time of finding the next customer? Or, even to have the next customer find this contractor with as little effort as possible?


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