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If you are a homeowner, chances are you have considered the subject of Exterior Painting, at least once.
I have heard of some seriously considering doing this in the Fall and Winter months but are worried about the outcome, and wisely so. Then they learn that it’s not possible due to moisture and cold.
So the Next Question that naturally arises, is:

What is the best painting season for a house exterior?

It is true that modern paints and improved paint technology lets you paint outside at temps as low as 35 degrees F (as long as you buy paint that carries a low-temp rating).
I do not like to go below 40 degrees, just for personal preference of being on the safe side, and the vicissitudes of Wisconsin weather are unpredictable and unforgiving.
In the Milwaukee area, the average first frost comes around October 15. Yet, I have painted exteriors up to Nov 1st and felt quite comfortable doing so, while watching the weather forecasters promising that the low temp will not dip below 35
 in the pre-dawn hours, and enjoyed sunny, mild fall weather throughout the shortened workday,.I have wished some days would be never-ending as I happily wielded brush and roller behind my spray rig.

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