It Takes more than Paint

The Process of Painting can be quite strenuous. -But much more than that,
You must be prepared to do the prep work.
I can not stress this enough.

Besides moving furniture and placing tarps and having all other incremental tasks completed in order, there is an application process, which involves a definite learning curve.

Preparing the surface is easily overlooked, because the paint will cover over that, right?  Wrong. 
No. Not. Never.  I want to simplify the subject for you, -but:
Not only does the new paint coating actually magnify imperfections in an exaggerating way,
(by reflecting light and drawing the eye to inconsistancies beneath the surface)
 but if the substrate is not optimally ready to accept fresh paint, it will not adhere correctly and this is a worse problem, because the failed paint needs to be removed before applying the new covering correctly.

Firstly, Good preparation is critical to a long-lasting exterior finish.  It does not matter if you’re paying a pro or are doing it yourself, there are not any real shortcuts. That means scraping, sanding, and cleaning the surface correctly and  thoroughly.  Scraping removes old flakes of paint, but you may not want to use a scraper for final finish preparation, because sandpaper is not nearly as aggresive and will leave a much more level and uniform surface for the new covering to lay down on.
Which brings us to the paint.
And while the best paints cover in one coat–and many claim to eliminate the need to prime the surface, it is best to stay away from bargain brands and clearance sales, and the Paint-and-primer-in-one paints, which will not perform as well in either area than a paint or a primer, but leave you with a compromise in both areas.
If you need a primer, use it, and if you do not need to use primer, do not use a primer-and-paint in one!
This does not include the variety of quality paints on the market presently that are called ‘primerless paint’  because these contain the proper binders and will adhere well under normal conditions, but they do not eliminate all needs for primers in all situations.

Other materials may require different procedures, such as Stucco and masonry, for example. These may need sealing beforehand or other preparation. It takes a trained eye to know what steps need to be taken to ensure against premature failure. 

And also, take note of environmental and health regulations.  If you sand or scrape paint on a house built before 1978, be warned: Older coats of paint will likely contain lead, so you’ll need to take extra precautions, and you should be aware of lead abatement procedures in order to do the job safely.  Indeed, federal law now requires that painters you hire be certified by the Environmental Protection Agency and be trained AND certified in lead-safe work practices.
But do not be over-alarmed, for if your house has been completely stripped in any year since 1975 or so, chances are that lead paint has not been reapplied after that.  This is because while the law came into effect in 1978, the paint manufacturers were actually taking notice of the problem well beforehand. -Some may argue just not soon enough.

So the gist of it all, is to properly prepare the surface, as well as yourself prior to tackling any project involving paint.

Oil base. Alcohol base. Water base. Acrylic, Enamel, Latex. What you have now and what you will have when you are through are some parameters to get a grip on before you start the process.  It takes more than Paint, and it takes more than tarps and tape. -It takes patience coupled with a strenuous energy and know-how in order to accomplish a job that you can be proud of, and one that will last for years to come.

Besides the fact that paint products have been coming up in price with increasing rapidity.
With all the increased regulations that manufacturers have to comply with, they are unable to keep a newly developed line on the shelf for very long without repeatedly making formular adjustments. And, these require field testing, and these procedures are labor-intensive which drive up the cost of the end product.

This is why when you want to apply paint, and protect your investment, you will want to find a contractor that offers value-added service. This task also is not the most easy task.  Word of mouth is more reliable than internet advertising. Find out what past customers have to say about a particular firm, and discuss your concerns with the company owner to get a feel of how he relates to your concerns.

I sincerely desire that you find not only the right color to paint, but the right painter as well!

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