Painting is much more

There is more to painting than color on substrate.
It is more important than the quality of product.
Because, this career does not offer a “passive” income where one may outsource everything and go live on a beach.

Another thing that many home owners do not even consider is the amount of prep time involved. This is usually a bigger job than the painting itself!  And then, when the job is over and you are tired, who wants to spend time cleaning out the tools or cleaning up the mess?

When having your own house painted, you want to grasp the idea that a professional painter is more than a creature with a skeleton and muscles connected to a set of eyes. I’m am writing this to say that there’s more to it, Painting is more than a occupation. It is a service, an industry and a way to make a living.
The service industry is dying out because no one wants to put themselves underneath their job. Service is about doing things for others, to increase their quality of life, and really caring about the work you do, when it will be enjoyed by someone else.

And in return, a good customer will realize that they have supported you in your efforts, as you earn a living and raise a family while contributing to the local economy. And they will also understand that you need to make a profit.
Painting is a competitive business, and it costs a lot to even land a job.
(I do not hire salesmen, so I pay for painting leads through HomeAdvisor)

Painters need more than their skill and expertise to succeed. They also need transportation, tools and equipment, and also, working capitol and insurance.
Besides, it is not easy for someone to find good painter that they are comfortable with, and who also can be trusted entering your home and working alone.
Painters need to have a firm grasp on the idea of scruples, which has much to do with ethics and morality: and knowing what exactly is the difference right and wrong. There needs to be a solid foundation of Truth, as a fondation built on a rock.
I have done work for owners that live out of state. I gain access through the realtor’s lockbox, and have received great reviews from clients whom I have hardly met.  I will handle all your needs when it comes to a move-in or a move-out, so all you have to do one phone call or email. Timplex is the painter you are looking for.


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