Do Colors have Meaning?

Is there emotion contained within? probably not.
However, do not dismiss this abstract science out-of-hand.
Do colors effect Psychology? Some evidence is in the affirmative.
Just take a glance at this pie chart and you may begin to understand:

Further suggestions show that Red may be equated with Confidence, Power, Pride, Desire, Strength, Love, or Action.
The choice is left up to you what room is best to play these out:
Kitchen, Den, or Garage, any room works in my book.
The color Blue favors: Wisdom, Health, and Stability. Again, how do you choose a room to contain all that?
My bedroom was blue at one time but since I sleep with my eyes closed, I guess a nice beige is fine for now.
Yellow increases Fun, Humor and Creativity, and its polar opposite is Purple, which does not decrease fun, but actually symbolizes Royalty, Wisdom, and Passion. In historic times, Purple, or Violet, was the color preferred by royalty, probably because no one else could afford it. Blues and Reds are expensive colors today, say you were puchasing a piece of Red Stained Glass for a project, you would end up paying more than if you were to choose yellow.  And Blue is costly because it comes from grinding lapis lazuli into a powder, which could be mixed together with Red, that comes from the mineral Cinnebar and there we can start to get our purple, or nowadays you could also extract purple pigment from the skin of blueberries.

We could go in many directions with this symbolism in relation to colors, but if I were to have the definitive answer to such a vague question, I would surely be standing on something other than a ladder for the bulk of my days.

What I do know is that, lately, I have seen a surge in the popularity of grays in various shades, as well as tans. 
To me, this is not a promising forecast if I were to predict the direction that the present society’s emotions are headed. It would seem as if the positive outlook which normally prevails is not presently active, if even available, and the people who study the emotions of color are not yet ready to go down that road. Yet.

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