What Is Paint?

Most people think of paint as a colorful coating. It may be on the walls, or cars, or even a boat.
Paint Is Decorative, and Artistic. So, it is used for decoration.

Paint is Protective. For your car or boat and your home exterior, -or interior if there are young children.

Paint is Durable. The better the paint, the longer it lasts before failure starts to show.
Paint is Strenuous, -to apply that is,  and paint is expensive. So you want to do it right.

So, what IS It?

Paint is composed primarily of a vehicle, usually either oil or water, which is used as the base.

Next, we have the pigment, which is what most consumers are interested in. 

Next is the Binder, of which there are many varieties. Suffice it to say that the binder exists to hold the pigment to the surface.
Such is the composition of paint, -simplified.

It interests me greatly to see that a film so thin is able to last so many years in Wisconsin’s weather.
From July heat, to January cold, this thin membrane that is often less than 5 thousandths of an inch thick, will be protecting the exterior of your home from premature failure for many years.

So, for paint to be a value to consumers, it must be blended in exact and correct proportions so that, when the paint is finally applied, the finish membrane is a continuous, uniform coating which is smooth and attractive.
 And, this brings us to the application of the coating.
When so much goes in to the development, manufacturing, shipping and sales of a paint product, wouldn’t you think that it should be applied as well as possible?

Many times, the prep work takes longer than the application. I have seen exterior paint jobs where preparation is 90% of the work, or more. And this is not even that uncommon.
I like to wash the surface by hand with biodegradable soap first, and then use a pressure washer for rinsing only.

Inside or out, You want the correct coverage, and you want it to be applied correctly.
And you also do not want to worry about clean-up. 

Think about calling Timplex, and then you will be comfortable knowing you have access to the facts, the information, and the skills of an experienced professional who always keeps service and quality foremost in mind!

If you can conceive it, Timplex can achieve it.
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  1. says

    Again, Painters always get a bad rap.
    recently, a young couple was moving into an expensive house.
    And, they contacted me for painting, so I paid for the lead.
    Then they decided to try to do it themselves.
    After being unsuccessful, they called me back.

    They had already bought the paint, but wanted me to apply it.
    Well, the last painter slopped up on the ceiling, so to paint a lighter color on the walls would look hideous and I do not like to treat customers like that.
    So, I saw a gallon of white in the garage that was not being used and after permission was given, I painted the ceiling for free.
    This was after the customer asked me to paint an area in a nook under the counter, that was overlooked by the last painter who was a hired pro. It seems weird to me that most people ask for these things after the price quote is given, but I guess human nature will be what it is, so we try to stay on the upside, so I usually will not increase my quote.
    And after 2 days went by, and the paint purchased by the customer was not covering well, I spent another two days doing extra coats to do the job correctly, as the customer was in no hurry, and I was there while they were at work.
    Which leads up to the garage door being locked on the last day. So, I had no access when I arrived -and I understood, these things can and will happen occasionally. This cost me a half-day production, plus mileage to go to the next town and get the key for access to the house.

    I also trimmed the cabinet in the kitchen with a circular saw because the new fridge was being delivered and the top clearance was ms-measured. This was corrected the next day, because I had to bring tools to the job from home. But I did this out of the goodness of my heart since this family had nice kids and a nice dog, and I wanted to be a nice guy.

    Everything went well, and the main reason why I quoted such a low price was because there were no furnishings yet, and the carpeting was also getting replaced, so no tarping. As the job progressed, I asked what would be done with the carpet being removed, as I could use some in my bedroom.
    They said it was available to me if I wanted it, and I have a floor-guy for a son-in-law, so we came and picked up the carpet the next weekend. And, that is what made the diff between the job being a total bust,and one which is worthwhile.
    So, I am not here to complain. But I would like to understand something.

    Why would anyone give a lower rating when all categories were satisfactory?
    Why do they say to take all the time you need, and then complain that the job took longer?
    Has no one encountered Murphy’s Law? -This says that every job will take longer due to unforeseen problems.
    Does anyone want to find a contractor who will put the time issue aside in order to make a customer happy? How many people would actually complain if the person doing a job, took extra care and spent an extra day -or two- in order to make sure the finished product was up to premium specifications?

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