A New Coat of Paint

There are few things that add to a home’s value like a fresh coat of paint.
Not just any Paint, Quality Paint!
Interior paint,
Exterior paint,
There is a lot of difference to a prospective buyer between:
a clean, modern look with fresh crisp lines,
and a smudged, stained wall with nails sticking out where pictures used to hang.
Exterior repairs,
Interior repairs,
Appearance can make all the difference between a quick sale, or a house languishing on the market.

Let Timplex talk this over with you by phone, or possibly a home visit.
Tim not only paints, he does floors, windows, and even polishes woodwork to make your home look fresh and clean. And then, all your rubbish gets hauled away, too.
You will know no anxiety, only peace of mind.

This is why customers of Timplex smile, and say, “Much more than just a painter!”


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