Painter for houses

Timplex, LLC is owned by Tim Laur.
This blog is written by Tim Laur.
Tim started working at the age of 12.
Now, at 58 years old, Tim is an experienced craftsman and jack-of-all-trades, but has recently decided to specialize in painting.

Why is this good for me? -you might ask yourself.
Tim has an experienced eye when it comes to troubleshooting and problem solving.
Since 2009, he has been gaining much experience in move-ins and move-outs, as well as getting homes ready to be placed on the Market.

Many times, there will be homes where the owners have been living with defects or annoyances in their homes for so long, they do not remember they are there. Then, when the new owner moves in, they discover problems with the garage door opener, or the sump pump, and the list keeps growing, but when Tim comes to paint your new home, he sometimes removes wallpaper, or moves a bookcase and sees a problem that can get fixed real simple-like.  Or it might be a ceiling fan with the light that does not work. These things can often be fixed, “in stride” and for little or no cost. 

Tim also does drywall repair as well as being an expert painter. 
This is a low-overhead sole-proprietorship business that is experienced and willing to serve you!

With over 30 years experience, Tim operates under the motto that a little customer goodwill goes a long way. Combining quality work ethics, with an eagerness to serve and a wide variety of skills allows ‘Timplex LLC’ to offer all clients guaranteed satisfaction in light remodeling projects. He has done garage remodels, and also complete basements, so he posesses liberal skills and experience. 

Recently, it was decided to specialize in painting and small repairs. 
Now, he is more able to give customers the best bang for their buck.
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  1. Ellie says

    I have a home that has vinyl siding and I saw on your blog that it can be painted. How long does it take to paint? How many cans of paint will I have to buy? Your reply will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You

    • says

      Ellie, Normally a gallon of paint will cover 3 to 4 hundred square feet per gallon, check the can’s instructions.
      It is fairly easy to eyeball a 10′ by 10′ square on the side of a house, considering most interior rooms are 8′ tall and add a foot for the floor and a foot for the ceiling, then square it off and you have a 100 ft square. I figure 300 feet per gallon because I would rather have leftover paint than not enough to finish.
      Now, the question of time is a little harder to address. Just as each hand will have its own signature, each hand will hold a paintbrush or roller differently and move at different speeds.
      Just do not ‘overwork’ the paint and do not paint on warm surfaces in direct sun, especially if the paint is a dark color or you will have a guaranteed failure

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